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Shrink Sleeve

From selection of the optimal manufacturing material to working alongside graphic designers, 3G Print Group has extensive experience in this specialised label production, producing high-end products that conform to the designated container.  Sought by many of our environmentally conscious clients, a shrink sleeve offers an optimal stand-alone marketing option which is steadily increasing in its industry demand.  3G Print Group responds to these customised needs by ensuring that they partner closely with our clients to monitor concept, design and execution, from beginning to end.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

3G Print Group offers a variety of pressure sensitive options which accommodates the design, structure and overall budget for different packaging needs. By presenting diverse printing options and enhancements, 3G Print Group works closely with graphic teams to offer optimal solutions that will showcase the final product. 3G’s significant production expertise can create and deliver these for clients in large increments, within strict timelines, at a level of superior quality.

Flexible Packaging

Variation in shape and size, 3G Print Group can create first-class packaging options in the form of tubes, banners, and in-mold printing that can accommodate a variety of packaging needs.  This particular packaging type allows the print product to easily adapt to the packaging shape without compromising artwork and graphics. 3G Print Group’s manufacturing team works closely alongside designers throughout the development process to ensure the material meets the rigid flexibility requirements of the artwork, as well as the graphics for the specified production needs.

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